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D66 Voorschoten

Welcome to the website of D66 Voorschoten, the local branch of D66 (Democraten 66) in the most beautiful town of Zuid Holland. On this website you will find information on D66, its local branch and the coming elections. Forward: towards a prosperous, sustainable future. On March 21th: Vote for D66!

D66 explained

A brief sketch of the party history, identity and ideas of D66.

D66 in Voorschoten

Voorschoten has been an international town for quite a while. Many nationalities are living in the municipality and like it for the kind atmosphere, green surroundings and friendly people. The challenge is to keep the village beautiful, green and historical with shrinking budgets and more responsibility for local government.

Local elections

On March 21th elections will be held in Voorschoten to elect members of the town council. The council consists of representatives chosen by local elections.


For the coming elections, D66 Voorschoten has the priority to improve the town on these issues.


Members of D66 Voorschoten have chosen their candidates for the municipal elections of March 21th by an internal e-voting procedure.