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D66 wants a good future for all people in Voorschoten. Voorschoten is a beautiful village, but there are also big challenges. How do we retain our green character? How do we work together in the region in a smart way? How do we ensure that every child has a fair chance? And all this with healthy finances. D66 focuses on good climate, good governance and good education. Vote D66.

Good climate
Voorschoten is a beautiful green village. D66 wants to keep it that way. We keep the green area just outside Voorschoten open. In the village, building has to be compensated with green roofs and walls. Nature gets more space, bicycle and public transport take priority. Our goal: Voorschoten is energy-neutral in 2025.

Good governance
D66 wants good and transparent municipality that is close to the residents. We want to shape new developments together with residents and entrepreneurs. We keep the services for residents close. Regional challenges, such as traffic and climate, we tackle together with neighboring municipalities, preferably within the Leiden region.

Good education
Good education for everyone creates opportunities for everyone. That is why D66 wants the best education that fits everyone’s talents. This means one central registration system for primary education, accessible youth care and a wide range of sports and cultural activities, including swimming in the local pool Het Wedde.

Andringa: “Together with residents, entrepreneurs and the region, D66 is working on a prosperous future for Voorschoten.”

Laatst gewijzigd op 22 november 2018